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Pediatric and Sports Chiropractors Provide Family Wellness too.

Chiropractors, Dr. Trevor Darnell, Dr. Carley Fardell and Dr. Erik Edwards are caring for patients of all ages, from infants to seniors, at Torch Chiropractic Family Wellness Center.

“It’s so rewarding seeing patients function better through chiropractic care and bringing greater health to their families.” —Dr. Trevor

Gentle Care for Children

Using a variety of gentle, specialized pediatric methods, Dr. Trevor customizes care to each child’s individual needs. Chiropractic care will help ensure proper growth and development in your child while giving them all the advantages a healthy nervous system brings. Dr. Trevor is the only area chiropractor certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Helping You Through Pregnancy and Delivery

By making sure the mother’s spine has no interference and that the pelvis is ready for the birthing process, your pregnancy will be free of those common aches and pains, and you’ll be able to experience a natural delivery. The Webster technique that we use is effective for expectant mothers and will make sure your baby is in the proper position.

A Comprehensive Health Approach

In addition to chiropractic care suitable for all ages, at Torch Chiropractic Family Wellness Center we will create a nutrition and fitness plan that will help you reach your healthcare goals. We also have two massage therapists on-site that are ready to speed your healing process and help you on your journey to health.

We would love to talk to you about the many health benefits chiropractic care can bring to you and your family. Call today!

~ Dr. Trevor Darnell ~ Dr. Carley Fardell ~ Dr. Erik Edwards ~
Serving: Rapid City, Elk Rapids, Alden, Kalkaska, Bellaire,
Williamsburg, Mancelona and Central Lake

Meet the Chiropractors and Staff

  • Maggie Klopschinski
    Chiropractic Assistant

    Maggie has been with Torch Chiropractic since 2013. She handles all new member evaluations and insurance.  She and her husband, Mike, are enjoying parenthood with their daughter, Kylie.

  • Charlotte Comfort
    Chiropractic Assistant

    Charlotte is our “Master of Flow” keeping our Rapid City office running smooth at the front desk. She has a special interest in nutrition and the microbiome.  She was born and raised in Scotland and transplanted in Rapid City in 2009.  She is loving life in Northern Michigan with her husband, Ransom, and enjoy their 5 year old, Ransom, Jr (R2).

  • Dr.
    Carley Fardell

    Dr. Carley Fardell, DC is a soft tissue rehab focused chiropractor whose practice includes family care as well as the treatment of athletes and chronic pain patients. In order to address both spinal and muscular issues thoroughly, she offers a range of treatments, including Active Release Technique, Graston, and Kinesiotape, in addition to a full range of chiropractic care.

    Dr. Carley believes the greatest wealth is health, starting with the spine and nervous system. Her passion is connecting with people and helping her patients to heal. She loves to see people feeling renewed, hopeful, and inspired to improve their health. She believes that “self-care isn’t selfish,” and you’ll see her actively promote healthy living measures by teaching self-care such as foam-rolling, stretching, and clean living. She can also recommend ways to reduce toxicity in your life and help you create a “natural medicine cabinet.”

    Dr. Carley enjoys her healthy lifestyle with her daughter Maple, who was born in 2017. Becoming a mother has deepened her understanding of maternal care. This time has also given her the opportunity to slow down and appreciate that it’s important to lead by example with “the chiropractic lifestyle,” including self-care, proper nutrition, exercise, and healthy living.

    She grew up in Traverse City enjoying the 'up north' lifestyle and then moved to Northern California, where she got her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology at Sonoma State University. During that time, she became increasingly involved in triathlons and yoga. When she suffered a sports injury, she made a tremendous recovery thanks to excellent chiropractic care and realized that this was how she wanted to make a difference in the world. She enrolled at Palmer Chiropractic College in San Jose, graduated in 2008, and then founded Synergy Sports Chiropractic. She spent nearly a decade serving a diverse community in Silicon Valley. The birth of her daughter motivated her to return back to the best place in the world, Grand Traverse County. 

  • Dr.
    Trevor Darnell
    Dr. Trevor believes that part of a healthy body is being fulfilled in every aspect of your life. Health and happiness go hand in hand. Dr. Trevor worked in the information technology field for years, but realized it wasn’t his passion. During a chiropractic orientation workshop, he realized that chiropractic was his calling.


Reviews By Our Satisfied Clients

  • "Great experience. I learn something every time I have an appointment."
    Ann S.
  • "Dr. Trevor Darnell physiological and anatomical knowledge is very impressive. He always has a calming and positive presence. Highly recommend!"

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