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Dr. Trevor believes that part of a healthy body is being fulfilled in every aspect of your life. Health and

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happiness go hand in hand. Dr. Trevor worked in the information technology field for years, but realized it wasn’t his passion. During a chiropractic orientation workshop, he realized that chiropractic was his calling.

“There was something that spoke to me about the body’s ability to heal itself. I’ve always been interested in natural healthcare, fitness and nutrition. Chiropractic is a perfect fit for me; I love to use my hands to release health in individuals and create a positive impact on our community.”

He obtained a position as a chiropractic assistant, and a year and a half later left Traverse City to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa

Community and Family Focus

While in chiropractic school, Dr. Trevor participated in many different aspects of student life, including: Student council, Philosophy society, Toast Masters, and founded an annual 5K run. He was elected to the exclusive Vogt Leadership Society and honored with the Virgil V. Strange Philosophy Award, given to the one student in each graduating class that best represents the philosophy of chiropractic.

Trevor is now an active member of his community in the Kalkaska and Antrim County areas. He participates in and contributes to many organizations that support the community and environment:

Dr. Trevor is an Alumnus of Western Michigan University with a bachelors degree in medical anthropology and a minor in math. He ran track and cross country for WMU, focusing his talent in the Steeple Chase. Dr. Trevor is an avid runner and competes in many local races and triathlons.

Dr. Trevor and his wife Rachel has four children: Grant, Qwynn, Genevieve and Gwendolyn. The family enjoys downhill skiing, running in the woods, biking, swimming in Torch Lake, and building sandcastles in the summer and snowmen and snow forts in the winter. They love living in Northern Michigan in all of her glory, whatever the season.

“I love helping our patients function better and seeing the positive impact on their families and our community.”

“I’d love to discuss how I can help you and your family reach the pinnacle of health. Call us today!” (231) 331-7010

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